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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif — June 1, 2020 — Today PAX Labs announced a new web-based desktop app for use with the PAX® 3, PAX® Era Pro TM, and PAX® Era TM cannabis vaporizer devices. Built in response to Apple's removal of vaporization-related apps from the App Store, PAX's new desktop solution delivers access to important product information and safety features. Millions of consumers in 38 legal states and Canada, including medical patients and veterans, rely on the PAX Mobile App to. Customize and control your PAX experience like never before with the PAX Mobile App. Create tailor-made sessions just for you, and access temperature, vapor and flavor options not available through.. DYNAMIC MODES™ EXCLUSIVELY FOR PAX 3. Get added precision and reliability with a choice of 5 Dynamic Modes™. Standard: Use-activated temp control. Stealth: For ultimate discretion. Boost: Keeps your device in high gear. Flavor: The most delicious possible. Efficiency: Don't waste a drop

Den Pax 3 mit der App verbinden: Koppelt das Gerät einmal mit der PAX Mobile App und es wird beim nächsten mal automatisch verbunden, wenn Bluetooth... Um den PAX 3 zu koppeln, muss Bluetooth auf deinem Smartphone aktiviert sein. Um dein Gerät einzurichten und zu koppeln, einfach die App öffnen und. When you enable PAXFinder, you'll be able to see the last known connected location of your PAX 3, Era, or Era Pro device on a map. This is available in both the mobile and web apps. Additionally, when using Era Pro with the PAX Mobile App for Android, Beacon will help you to pinpoint your device's exact location. You can even turn on the vibration or LED lights to help you in your search, as well as activate the device lock The web app supports the Pax 3, Pax Era, and Pax Era Pro on Mac. On Windows, it only fully supports the Era Pro right now. The web app doesn't work on mobile — so iPhone users still don't have a.. PAX App; PAX App Chrome; Android; Latest Release Introducing Low Pod Alerts and PAXFinder. Use PAXSmart-enabled Era pods with Era Pro to receive alerts when your pod is getting low. Once activated, PAXFinder will save the current address of the connected device so you can easily find it. For Era Pro on Android, you can use Beacon, a bluetooth powered signal strength indicator that enhances the PAXFinder experience You now have the pax app for your pax 3 or pax era! Please let me know if this works or not, and if it does please upvote so more people can get around apple's dumb policies! 41 comments. share. save. hide. report. 98% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. 3 months ago. Works, did this all on my MacBook. 5. Reply . Share. Report Save. level 1. 3.

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  1. Die Smartphone App des Pax 3. Mit der PAX Vapor App kann man eine exakte Temperatur einstellen und die perfekte individuelle Hitzeeinstellung finden. Die App hat folgende Features: Den PAX 3 auf eine genaue Temperatur einstellen; Die LED-Farbthemen ändern; Das Gerät sperren; Firmware Updates downloade
  2. Mit unserem PAX Planer gestaltest du ganz leicht deinen neuen Kleiderschrank. Verwende entweder einen unserer fertigen Kombinationsvorschläge und wandle ihn nach deinen Wünschen ab oder plane deinen PAX komplett selbst. Starte mit dem PAX Korpus und richte ihn ein, wie es dir gefällt. Los gehts! Jetzt PAX Planer öffnen. Das PAX System gefällt dir, aber du brauchst noch etwas.
  3. The third is the Pax 3 Bluetooth app; this app will allow you to easily connect your Pax 3 to your smartphone to offer you more control over your session with various heating modes and the ability to set a custom temperature. Be sure to check out the review on our blog for a more comprehensive breakdown of the app and what it offers
  4. Smartphone-App Sowohl für iPhone als für Android erhältlich, sorgt die Pax Vapor App für mehr Individualität. Neben der präzisen Temperatureinstellung, lässt sich der Pax 3 über die App verriegeln und auch die LED-Farben können verändert werden. Selbst Spiele bietet die App, ebenso wie die neuesten Updates der Pax Labs Inc. LED-Feature
  5. The PAX 3 boasts better heating times, more heating efficiency, more control over temperature, and additional features that are accessible through the accompanying smartphone app. Succeeding the PAX 2 vaporizer, the PAX 3 maximizes user experience and is unparalleled in factors such as ease of use, customizability, size, efficiency, and flavor
  6. Temperature options: With the smartphone app, Pax 3 can adjust to any temperature between 360F and 420F. Without the app, you can press the mouthpiece for two-seconds to enter temperature settings mode, and click it once to cycle through 4 levels indicated by the LED

Customize and control your PAX experience like never before with the PAX Mobile App. Create tailor-made sessions just for you, and access temperature, vapor and flavor options not available through the device alone. Keep your device working at its best with regular firmware updates. App features available for PAX 3, PAX Era Pro and PAX Era: - Temperature control: Optimize for flavor by tuning. Wenn Du Dein Pax 3 mit der App verwenden willst, musst Du Dir erst einmal die App aus dem App Store herunterladen. Leider hat Apple alle Vaporizer Apps aus dem App Store verbannt, sodass Du zurzeit leider nur mit einem Android Smartphone in den Genuss einer Pax 3 Vaporizer Kontrolle kommen kannst. Solltest Du die App bereits auf Deinem IOS Telefon installiert haben, kannst Du Sie entsprechend weiter nutzen App features available for PAX 3 and PAX Era: - Temperature control: Optimize for flavor by tuning your temperature to a single degree - Customization: Name your device and select a color theme to make PAX yours. Adjust PAX 3 vibration strength or turn off completely - Security: Lock your PAX when you want to prevent others from using it The PAX Era now comes with Session Control which gives. Die größte Änderung beim PAX 3 ist die Smartphone-App. Diese kann von IOS und Android Besitzern benutzt werden. Per Bluetooth kann der tragbare Vaporizer mit dem Smartphone verbunden werden. Mit dieser App können die Temperaturen viel präziser eingestellt werden. Hier kann dann auch die Helligkeit der LED angepasst und unterschiedliche Heizprofile können eingestellt und gespeichert werden. Der Hersteller wird immer die neusten Versionen, für die leicht zu nutzende App, bereitstellen.

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Special Feature: Dazu kommt, dass ihr per Bluetooth App verschiedene Einstellungen vornehmen könnt, die auf jedes einzelne Raucherlebnis perfekt abgestimmt wurden. Dieses Features hat uns beeindruckt und ist definitiv eine der größten Erneuerungen beim Pax 3 Vaporizer. Wir wollen euch diese Einstellungen natürlich nicht vorenthalten Pax 3 App. Mit der Pax 3 App kannst du nicht nur eine benutzerdefinierte Temperatur einstellen, sondern auch verschiedene Heizmodi, die die Interaktion mit deinem Gerät grundlegend verändern. Die folgenden Modi sind derzeit über die App verfügbar: Standard - Dies ist die Grundeinstellung des Pax 3. Es wird die Temperatur der Heizkammer um 5 Grad Celsius erhöht, während du an dem Gerät. App features available for PAX 3, PAX Era Pro and PAX Era: - Temperature control: Optimize for flavor by tuning your temperature to a single degree - Customization: Name your device and select a color themes to make PAX yours. Adjust vibration strength or turn off completely - Security: Lock your PAX when you want to prevent others from using it The Era Pro™ experience is PAXSmart™-enabled. PAX 3 is more intelligent than other conduction vaporizers. Whether you take your time between draws, or prefer to go back-to-back rapidly, PAX 3 will cater the experience to your preferred style with its lip presence-based boosting, auto-cooling, and motion sensing technology

The Pax 3 has some pretty cool extra features. Our favorite is the 3 mini games that can be activated via the app or through a hidden series of movements. How To Access Pax 3 Games. There are two ways to access the Pax 3 (Available here) games, the easiest way is to simply select the game you wish to play using the Pax smartphone application. To access the games, without the app, tilt the unit sideways and rotate it three times. (feel free to say Beetle Juice as you rotate it This means you can choose any temperature you'd like within that range. All you need to do is open the PAX Mobile app on your Apple or Android device, open the control center, and spin the dial until you reach the temperature you want. If you're not using the app, you can place PAX 3 in temp set mode. This allows you to cycle through four preset temperatures — 360° Fahrenheit, 380° Fahrenheit, 400° Fahrenheit, and 420° Fahrenheit — via the PAX 3's power button Both the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 come with four preset temperatures, which are 182°C, 193°C, 204°C, and 215°C. However, a fifth temperature setting has been added to the Pax 3 which can be customized between 182°C and 215°C. The fifth temperature setting can be accessed through the Pax 3 app Pax 3 Won't Connect to App My brand new Pax 3 won't connect to the app no matter what I do. Also, I can't factory reset the device as after performing the instructions the lights never blink white, they just stay on the temp select mode Via Pax smart app you can set up Calima for various functions and environments. You can easily set up Calima to be a heat transferrer, function as a backdraught shutter, or to be activated with a switch. Via the app you can also use a simple calender function where you can activate various functions depending on weekdays or weekends. Profiles in app: Electrical connection 100-240VAC Calima.

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  1. Luckily, I had the app from iOS before apple decided that they didn't like the Pax app but I can only control my Pax 3 and Pax Era from my iPhone, that is why I went and got the Era today. I know people will ask why I got the Era after if I already had the Pro. OCD Techie reasons lol. I must say I love the Pax Era / Pro. I am Canadian and my fav so far is the Orange CKS from Fume. Amazing.
  2. Vape manufacturer PAX has found a way to get around Apple's rules, launching a website that allows users to manage their PAX vapes. With the new web app, Era and Era Pro users can control their.
  3. The regular Era and Pax 3 are greyed out and say Available on MAC below them. Even though before signing in on their website it literally says, Available on Chrome on desktop and laptop devices, and on the Google Play store for Android
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The PAX 3 adds a faster heating element, concentrate support, and a Bluetooth app to an already excellent vape, and you don't need to be a vaporizer expert to fire it up and have a great session. Still, our quickstart guide will walk you through all the steps to get you up and running, and help you interpret the PAX 3's flower petal language Download PAX and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎PAX Partner Community by PAX Technology Limited is developed especially for PAX partners, which creates a new way to business cooperation and builds a great community for PAX partners Sei dein eigener Innenarchitekt und gestalte mit unseren Produkt- und Raumplanern deinen individuellen Wohntraum

Unlock the Pax 3 App´s Potential Control the Temperature - The app allows you to fully control the temperature settings and range of your Pax 3 down to... Name Your Device - That's right, go for it. Call it anything you want. Cyclone Panther? Ham Cakes? Anything goes! Take Advantage of the Settings. PAX 3 App: Efficiency Mode and Ramp Temp Selection Pro-Tips 1) Hold button to enter temp set mode. If Ramp is not shown, select Ramp, exit temp set mode, and re-enter temp set mode. 2) Select another temp setting. 3) Shake device to exit temp set mode. Ramp will be selected and Ramp's current temp. The PAX 3 is a dual-use vaporizer that can be used with both flower or oil. The app temperature control feature makes using it a genuinely modern vaping experience Pax 3 is one of the most popular vaporizers ever made and also one of the best vaporizers ever made. There are many good reasons for that; I won't go in-depth with all of them right now but I'll just say that they include its great looks, tasty vapor, and generous customization. So this article isn't about how to use the Pax 3 or why it is so great, it's all about how to keep it great.

Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the Pax family of vaporizers. Pax disrupted the vaporizer industry about a decade ago when they came out with a radically simple and effective vaporizer. Pax has made a name for itself in terms of quality, apple-like ease of use and ruggedness The PAX 3, the latest offering from the portable vaporizer pioneers Pax Labs, is certainly no slouch when it comes to performance. But no worries if you're having trouble dialing your device in, we're here to help. First, though, let's talk a bit about what temperature control is and isn't. A temperature setting doesn't necessarily mean your vaporizer always operates at a fixed temperature.

Shop PAX 3. PAX App. PAX App. Chrome. Android. Latest Release. Introducing Low Pod Alerts and PAXFinder. Use PAXSmart-enabled Era pods with Era Pro to receive alerts when your pod is getting low. Once activated, PAXFinder will save the current address of the connected device so you can easily find it Die App ist sowohl auf Apple- als auch auf Android-Geräten verfügbar und kann dazu verwendet werden, Ihren PAX 3 auf eine präzise Temperatur einzustellen, die Farbe des LED-Displays zu ändern und sogar das Gerät zu sperren, um sicherzustellen, dass es nicht versehentlich eingeschaltet wird Today we're taking a deep dive on the Pax 3, which is a sleek portable vaporizer from PAX Labs. It's their third rendition of the Pax and their best yet

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PAX 3 works most optimally when the vapor path and oven screen are residue-free. Use the Maintenance Kit included to clean PAX 3. Use the wire brush for heavier cleaning or the pipe cleaners for lighter cleaning. Remove mouthpiece and insert brush or pipe cleaner into the vapor path, scrubbing back and forth. Ensur The new Pax 3 features a bunch of internal changes including a 15-20second heat up time, an adjustable temp spectrum via the Bluetooth and Pax Labs smartphone app, an upgraded battery, and a newly designed concentrate lid. The outside is exactly the same dimensions of the Pax 2, but they changed the outer shell to a Polished finish instead of brushed aluminum and the entire unit weighs about 3 grams more

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PAX 3 ; One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord that plugs into your computer ; Two interchangeable mouthpieces: one flat, already fitted with the device, and one raised ; Two interchangeable oven lids: one standard already fitted on the device, and one half pack oven lid, for a smaller oven load ; A concentrate insert for the oven, for extract compatibility ; Three extra oven screens ; A. Learn how to use your PAX 3 dry herb and extract vaporizer through our comprehensive how-to video. We walk you through unboxing the vaporizer, how to load an..

The PAX 3™, just like its predecessor the PAX 3, features a mobile app for Android and a desktop app for both Android and Apple IOS that gives users more control over their vape sessions. The smooth, durable exterior is made of highly polished, anodized aluminum and comes in a range of colors. The PAX 3™ is ideal for vaping both dry herbs and waxy concentrates. It comes with a leak proof. An integral part of the experience is the PAX Mobile App, which connects to the PAX 3 via Bluetooth and provides control over the device temperature, manage vapor and flavor output, lock the device, and also automatically update the firmware. While the previous iteration came with four predetermined temperature settings that could be selected by pressing down on the top of the device, the. IKEA Home Planer Deutsch: Der IKEA Home Planer ist ein umfangreiches Planungs-Tool von Ikea für Ihre neue Küche

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Learn all about how to get the most from your Pax 3 with the TVape tutorial!Pax 3 is one of the most compact and portable vaporizers on the market. The addit.. PAX raised another level to the game from the into the next step in vaporizer evolution. But, the PAX 3 has perfected the formula. Each change in design from the second PAX leaves everything you loved and improves upon it in subtle ways. Although the PAX 2 is still around and selling well, PAX presents a compelling argument to upgrade to the new and improved PAX 3 PAX 3; PAX 2; Accessories; Pax Mobile App; Support Support. User Guide; FAQ; Shipping; Warranty; Contact; Account Account. Sign In; Create Account; Register Product; Intellectual Property; Retail Retail. Affiliates; Become a Retailer; International; Follow us @PAXVAPOR. Download the PAX App Now Shopping: EU ©2019 PAX Labs, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Terms & Conditions PAX DOES NOT PRODUCE. faster heating - The Pax 3 heats up in about 15 seconds, compared to 45 seconds for the Pax 2. haptic feedback - so soft and nice. perfect. temperature customization, via a Bluetooth connected mobile app; bigger battery (3500mAh on Pax 3 vs 3000mAh on Pax 2) idle cooldown, to save your herb; concentrate oven (in full bundle PAX 3. Just like the Era, the PAX 3 doesn't connect to an iPhone, unless you had the app prior to the ban. Both Android users and Mac users with Chrome can access full functionality via apps. Windows users are out of luck, however. If you can access the app controls, you can change the brightness, vibrations, light color scheme, the dial in.

Ihr plant euren neuen PAX-Kleiderschrank bei IKEA zu kaufen? Mit dem IKEA-Planer könnt ihr euren Kleiderschrank virtuell bewerten und die Elemente einfügen, die ihr benötigt, dabei behaltet ihr. The PAX 3 device speaks to you through LED lights. In doing so, you are notified of heating status, battery life and temperature settings. And, you can save these options for each use instead of having to reset them each time. In other words, save your settings and you can have the same enjoyable experience time after time. Want to take things to the next level? Use the PAX mobile app for even. Now PAX Labs has launched the PAX Web App, which connects PAX devices to both Macs and PC's (both must use the Chrome browser). As of yesterday, all three popular PAX devices—the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer, and the PAX Era and Era Pro pod-based cannabis oil vapes—can be connected with full functionality to a Mac. For now, PC users are. Loading and Operating the Pax 3. Because I received this unit before the Pax app was available for use, I'll only cover my experience operating this pen with just the button. However, what I. The Pax 3 Vaporizer at a Glance Product Type: Dry herb and concentrate portable vaporizer Manufacturer: Pax Labs Price: $274.99 Features: 4+ heat settings, Bluetooth-enabled, app-enabled, 90+ minute charge time Includes: Pax 3, maintenance kit, 3 screens, concentrate insert, multi-tool, charging cable + dock, 2 mouthpieces, 2 oven lids, 3500 mAH battery, 10-year warranty Initial Impressions I.

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June 01, 2020 02:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time SAN FRANCISCO-- (BUSINESS WIRE)--Today PAX Labs announced a new web-based desktop app for use with the PAX® 3, PAX® Era Pro™, and PAX® Era™ cannabis.. PAX 3 comes with a downloadable app that allows you to have more visual control as well as more detailed information about your unit. It lets you select from 4 different vapor profiles or even set your exact preferred temperature. Click below and download Pax 3 app right now IKEA Storage Planne

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Download PAX Tools and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎The PAX Tools app helps families and other groups to discover and use tools and strategies for more productivity, peace, happiness, and health PAX 3 app for iPhone. Close. 2. Posted by 6 months ago. Archived. PAX 3 app for iPhone. Hey everyone, I just got a PAX 3 yesterday and didn't realize until after I got home that Apple removed all vaping apps from the App Store. Is there a third party app I could download and use instead? There weren't a lot of instructions on how to use it without the app, anything I should know about how. IKEA PAX Planer Deutsch: Mit dem kostenlosen IKEA PAX Planer designen Sie Ihren neuen IKEA Kleiderschrank am Computer Learn more about all the possibilities with our app at www.pax.se Activate the app: You have to have a code to activate the app, the code is unique for each fan. Enter the code or scan through the phone. Your own unique code is on the back of the manual. Easy use - app control: When the fan is supplied it is preset to be an automatic bathroom fan with constant basic flow, humidity and light detectors activated. The app control via Bluetooth gives you the functionality of five fans in one.

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Although the Pax 3 only has 1 single button, it's loaded with a ton of helpful features accessible within the smartphone app. The app allows users to choose between 5 different settings (aka Dynamic Modes) for the purposes of using it with a WPA, we suggest using Boost mode. Boost mode does a better job of maintaining oven temperature as it disables auto-cooling once the Pax 3 is no longer being ripped. This mode was specifically designed for people looking for the maximum. Natürlich begrüßen wir Sie auch weiterhin gerne vor Ort, aber bloß wegen der Vorlage eines Personalausweises zur Pax-Bank fahren? Mit unserer Videoidentifikation weisen Sie Ihre Identität bequem und vor allen Dingen sicher von zu Hause nach. Für die Identifizierung benötigen Sie lediglich unsere VR-VideoIdent App (für iOS und Android, über den Reiter Download erreichbar) und Ihr.

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Alles in einer App. Geld senden, im Laden kontaktlos bezahlen oder Ihre Ausgaben im Blick behalten - das alles geht mit einer einfachen App PAX 3 allows you to customize your sessions via smartphone using the PAX Vapor app. Easily adjust precision temperature, vapor and flavor output, security, haptic feedback, LED lights, and more. Choose between 4 dynamic modes, each offering a unique experience So this section will serve more as an overview of the app functionality and haptic feedback of the PAX 3 rather than a comparison, since the PAX 2 lacks these features altogether. For starters, the smartphone application gives users of the PAX 3 a 5th heat setting, which allows you to designate your own preferred temperature PAX 3 - A Quick Overview The PAX 3 is a portable, Bluetooth-connectable weed vaporizer. It's sleek, small, and it kicks out some of the smoothest and best vapor of any cannabis vaporizer on the planet right now. This is why it features so high in our Guide To The Best Weed Vapes. The PAX 3 features no buttons; all your temperature settings are done inside the PAX 3 Android or iPhone app. The PAX 3 provides 4 adjustable temperature settings by default and a 5th setting can be accessed through the smartphone app; when the set temperature is reached a vibration notification lets you know you're ready to vape. The PAX 3 is one of the most advanced vaporizers ever made, offering a lip/motion sensitive heater that raises temperature when necessary and cools when not in use for.

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The PAX 3 Companion App Supports Unprecedented Customization Access all of PAX 3's features with the easy-to-navigate companion app , available for Apple and Android devices. The Bluetooth-enabled personal vaporizer pairs seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet And now they got an app with the PAX 3 too. And it's kinda cool they give you a few cool options. You can change your temperatures, they give a few different modes even. These basically let you have more control over your session or what happens when you have it on. I like the interface but the colors are a little weird, it's easy to use though Pax 3 is the latest device and has been used a lot by hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide. The purpose to write about the PAX 3 problems is that many users are not aware of the warranty and the help desk. Battery. The fake Pax 3 has not been listed anywhere, not on the box nor in the instruction sheet. Additionally, the fake unit needs. The two most popular PAX vaporizers are the PAX 2 portable vape and, most recently, PAX 3. Both vapes boast sleek designs, compact sizes, lip sensing technology, and an ample sized herb chamber. The PAX 3 is smarter, faster, more dynamic, and features mobile app compatibility. If you're not sure which PAX vape is the best vaporizer for you, here's an in-depth breakdown of PAX 2 vs. PAX 3 Pax 3 Temp 1 (360F) - The first session was pretty underwhelming. Although it had a couple good hits, I didn't quite get the flavor I was looking for. ABV at the end of the session still had some flavor and life left. The lower temp setting of the Pax is good for more flavor but less impact. The lower temperature cannabinoids also tend to produce a headier high than the high temps. Pax 3.

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The Pax 3 has a fast heat up time, haptic feedback, smart oven technology, and a fantastic app for tweaking things further. It's intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapor. The PAX 3's clean, all-in-one form factor makes for a perfect everyday carry, and the large herb chamber and great battery life will keep you satisfied The push of a button (positioned underneath the mouthpiece) and the Pax app lets you fully and minutely control your vaping experience. Pax 3 comes with over 60 preset temperature settings. The device heats up in record time; less than 22 seconds of heating up time mean Pax 3 is ready for use almost instantaneously And you can do this all with the PAX 3 on PAX's Android or web app (Apple removed the app from its store). Connected via Bluetooth, all of your preferences are automatically stored and synced to.

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PAX - Wireless Android 3.0.3 APK Download and Install. Pax Calima® Automatic functions and settings via app The PAX 3 is a super portable vaporizer that has a sleek design. It offers great vapor quality and exceptional features like haptic feedback and a connection to the PAX Vapor app. Get FREE shipping in Canada today Furthermore, the PAX 3 included app integration, on board games, special vaping modes, and a multi-material oven. As a result the PAX line has evolved with the same base design with welcomed upgrades. In addition to this list of features, the competitive price point has helped PAX devices boom in popularity. Recently PAX slashed the prices of the model 2 and model 3. PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW.

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The PAX 3 Complete Kit now features a mobile app, half-pack oven lid, and wax concentrate insert, allowing you to fully customize and control your vaping sessions. PAX 3 allows you to customize your sessions via smartphone using the PAX Vapor app. Easily adjust precision temperature, vapor and flavor output, security, haptic feedback, LED lights, and more The PAX 3 Vaporizer - Basic Kit includes the best portable vaporizer in the world and the essential accessories you need to use it. PAX 3 is a sleek, powerful portable vaporizer from PAX Labs that offers an even smarter, faster, and stronger vaping experience than its predecessor, PAX 2. From the high-speed heat up time and lengthier battery life to the app-controlled heating modes and iPhone. Path of Exile 3.3.0b Deutsch: Bei Path of Exile handelt es sich um ein Online-Fantasy-Rollenspiel, in dem Sie mithilfe von magischen Artefakten und Fähigkeiten um das Überleben in einer post.

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